Single Family House, Multi units (up to 4 units), Garage attached or detached.


Condominiums (High rise or Low rise), PUD, Town houses


Small Business Administration (SBA), Leasehold improvements,Business acquisitions, Purchase of machinery and equipment. Requires 10% down payment.


Apartment Building, 5 Units or higher, Shopping Center, Office, and Industrial Buildings. Hotels, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Churches, Medical Buildings, Warehouses, and More. For more information Please contact our office.


Refinance your existing loan for better rate and term and improve your current financial situation.


A home construction loan can cover the purchase price of a lot, materials and costs to build a house or commercial building, minor or major renovation projects and bridge financing. Agreements for construction loans vary depending on the lender. A home construction loan would cover costs to purchase materials or pay for work completed.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your debt and reduce your monthly outgoings by half with a debt consolidation loan! Pay off your expensive credit card and store card debt. A debt consolidation loan will help you to get your finances back under control.